Chorkor beach witnesses over 200 patrons on Easter Sunday despite lock down order; Is it ‘Stupidity’, ‘Witchcraft’ or they just want to test the law?

Easter Sunday is normally a day where you would have a lot of people patronizing and lining up the beaches along the coast of Ghana. However, we are not in normal times. Hence it will be very absurd for anyone to think of flouting the social distancing advice; not to talk of going to the beach.

It’s Easter and in as much as we would wish to really party hard and take some time off three (3) months of assiduous work, we have no option than to stay home just to stay safe.

And it’s all because of the novel 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19) which is causing havoc the world over. Countries are recording as high as 900 deaths on a daily basis and it is a cause to worry.

Luckily for us or let me say by some miracle, Africa’s man power has not been swept away as much as that of Western and European countries.

But on a more serious note, how on earth would residents of a suburb in Accra, Chorkor, numbering over 200 all defy the lock down orders of the President just to party, swim and chill at the Chorkor beach. And more shocking and dangerous is the fact that those “idiots” who went to the beach threw the “social distancing” advice through the windows as they could be seen at very close proximity.

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Like for real? Is it “Stupidity”, “Witchcraft” or they want to test the law.

On Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020, some residents of Chorkor confidently said to themselves; “to hell with Coronavirus and the President’s lockdown orders”. This is particularly worrying especially because the country is fighting so hard to curb the spread of COVID-19. Ghana’s current case count in 566 with 8 deaths and several recoveries.

A video currently making the rounds on social media shows young people loitering about; with some swimming, playing games and doing stuffs carelessly; and obviously defying the social distancing orders from the President.

These young men and women flouted three orders on Easter Sunday. And it is particularly worrying, since coronavirus doesn’t know whether you’re young, old, strong, weak, a commoner or a politician.

These orders are; the lock down order, social distancing order and the order by the Ghana Tourism Authority closing down all beaches.

It is particularly sad that no matter how many times you hammer the “Stay Home Stay Safe” orders into the ear drums of Ghanaians, you will still have 30 out of 100 people still flouting that order just as was done on Easter Sunday. God have mercy.

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