5 Instances where ‘GOOD’ friends became ‘WORST’ enemies in the Ghana Entertainment Industry

The Entertainment industry in Ghana, as a human institution, has grown to become a Multi-million Cedi industry. And as I’ve indicated in my first sentence, every human institution will have human characteristics dominating in it.

These characteristics will definitely see people make and unmake friendships, people backbiting each other to get favors, people beefing each other for supremacy and so on and so forth.

Reggae legend Bob Marley ones said in his “Who the cap fits” song that “Your best friend could be your worst enemy, and your worst enemy your best friend”.

Well, in Ghana’s Entertainment industry, this shift of positions has occurred severally between celebrities. It all begins when they start showing unflinching love and affection as friends. And then boom!!! Something comes up and they split and begin hatting each other like never before.

Well, depunch.com brings to you 5 times when very close and inseparable friends in the Ghana entertainment industry became worst enemies and began throwing shades at each other. Their separation always resulted in beefs which gave Entertainment pundits and enthusiasts something to talk about.

We begin with;

1. Shatta Wale and Pope Skinny

These two were very good friends and I can confidently say that Pope Skinny really contributed to pushing the Shatta Movement brand to where it is now.

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Pope Skinny dumped his career as a musician to become Shatta Wale’s right hand man and help build his SM brand. It became so serious an issue that Pope Skinny lost his brand and was even tagged as the linguist of the SM clan.

However, we woke up one morning to hear that Shatta Wale and Pope Skinny had parted ways. Both camps have released reasons and counter reasons why the relationship broke up. But whatever it is, their split really came as a surprise.


2. Delay Afia and Schwarzenegger

Ghanaian media personality Deloris Frimpong Manso aka Delay began producing her “Afia Schwarznegger” series. The leading character in the series, Valentina became popular for how good she played the role, and later became Afia Schwarzenegger. After some seasons of shooting the series, the two friends began throwing shades at each other for only God knows what reason.

3. Nana Tornado and Delay

Nana Tornado joined the cast of the Afia Schwarzenegger series later on and became the center of attraction for his “weird” fashion sense and ways of doing things. He joined his then boss, Delay to “supper” Afia Schwarznegger.

However, just like what happened between Delay and Afia Schwar, their friendship went from bad to sour and is till up to this day not good.

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4. MzBel and Afia Schwarzenegger

MzBel found a friend in Afia Schwarzenegger because of how she could speak to situations without fear and favour. The two rolled it up and friends for some years and then finally, the camel’s back broke.

The secrets Afia Schwar spilled about her friend MzBel is up to this day not done marring her image. MzBel learnt a very big lesson from that friendship; I must confess.

5. Afia Schwarzenegger and Akua GMB

Afia Schwarzenegger recently broke the news on the collapse of Akua GMB’s marriage. According to Afia Schwar, Akua’s millionaire husband and CEO of Angel Group of Companies Dr. Kwaku Oteng broke up with her because she cheated on him with multiple men. It is quiet sad how Afia Schwar took delight in announcing the collapse of her friend’s marriage. We thought that friends were supposed to protect the images of friends from enemies?

Well, after this big expose, I doubt Akua will ever see eye to eye with Afia Schwar again.

Source || depunch.com

Source || DePunch.com

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