Top fan of Stonebwoy, Ayisha Modi also known as “SheLovesStonebwoy” has dropped some deep secrets about the dancehall artiste on social media and it is very damaging to his image.

And according to Ayisha, Stonebwoy sponsored one of his boyhood friends, Shatta Bhim, as one of his crew members, aiding him to beat immigration and leave Ghana for a better life overseas. But Shatta Bhim being as foolish as he is, decided to return to Ghana with the excuse that he sleeps on a couch.

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She further disclosed how Stonebwoy gave Shatta Bhim money to set up a shop to sell Bhim products. He didn’t open the shop but rather went round badmouthing the Bhim President.

As quick as she could, she deleted the message; but the harm had already been caused.  

Check the screenshot out below…

After the damaging post, she did some damage control by posting; “Problems Solved. I so value the Respect ✊ and Love 💕 you just shown me. We are family and as one we stand. Never met someone has respectful as u are , someone who accepts his Mistakes. You know ur brother @stonebwoyb don’t joke with u @shatta_bhim . You said something very sensible to me ! (Mama am sorry and it’s won’t happen again) For this ur respectful act check ur momo😘😘. Bhimnation is for life and for life is for life 😘.”

By Kwamina DEXTRO

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