Rebel Wilson details how Sacha Baron Cohen ‘humiliated’ her due to her size

Rebel Wilson says Sacha Baron Cohen “disrespected” her and “humiliated” her while they worked together on Grimsby.

In her upcoming memoir, Rebel Rising, the actress has claimed that her ex-co-star sexually harassed her on the set of the movie in 2016.

In a new interview, Rebel has added to those claims that Sacha also aimed to ridicule her for her weight.

“It’s one thing for someone fat to exploit their size for comedy, but it’s another for somebody else to humiliate you,” she remarked during her interview with The Times.

Rebel said her costumes in the movie were selected to deliberately show “all the cellulite on my thighs and a top to show the fattest part of my arm… like I was something to be laughed at and degraded because of my size.”

“It turned out to be the worst professional experience of my career,” she said.

She also opened up about feeling ashamed of herself for going back for the reshoots after the alleged “disrespect” she received during the filming. “The fact that I then went back… Why do I have such low self-worth?”