Keanu Reeves is Sandra Bullock’s ‘shoulder to cry on’ after Bryan Randall death

Keanu Reeves has been a “shoulder to cry on” for a grieving Sandra Bullock after the death of her long-term boyfriend Bryan Randall.

Randall tragically passed away in August 2023 after a three year-long battle with ALS. The actress is said to be grieving him still, and her Speed co-star Keanu has been there to lift her spirits.

“Keanu has been a lifesaver. He’s not only been a shoulder to cry on but has also been there to lift her spirits, make her laugh and see a brighter future ahead,” an insider told Life & Style.

Keanu has also experienced loss of his loved ones. The John Wick star had a still born daughter in 1999 with his girlfriend Jennifer Syme. Syme then passed away in a shock car accident in 2001.

However, the 59-year-old is now in a happy relationship with Alexandra Grant, which gives Bullock “hope for another relationship in her future.”

Insiders previously shared that Bullock is “not done healing” from the loss. “It’s only been seven months — but she’s ready to move on,” they said.

“Bryan wanted her to pick up the pieces and try to find a good guy. Sandra wants to let go of the pain and allow herself to love again. But she’s had a hard time convincing herself she’ll ever find anyone else,” they explained.

Sandra Bullock dated Bryan Randall for eight years before his death and her kids Laila and Louis grew attached to the photographer in the period.

“While it hasn’t been easy for her to stay strong, she’s determined to pick up the pieces for her children,” another insider said. “Laila and Louis adored Bryan and continue to mourn the only father figure they really had.”