PHOTOS: Model Gets V@g!n.a Surgery As Birthday Gift But Regrets It Immediately

A model has disclosed how she got a v@g!na surgery after being gifted it by a surgeon friend. But she immediately regretted it after she was done with it. 

Popular Instagram influencer, Deia Cavalheiro said she did a labia plastic surgery, after a very long-time friend who’s now a plastic surgeon told her to “choose a free procedure” as her birthday gift. 

“He just told me to choose a procedure,” she said.

“We have been friends for the longest time and it was my birthday. As a birthday gift, he said I could choose any surgery that he would do it himself.”

“At the time, I didn’t really have anything I needed or wanted to change about my body. The labia surgery was actually an idea of another friend of mine who got it done. The moment she showed me her results I was immediately sold.”

Deia said her surgeon friend begged her not to get it done as her v@g!n.a was “already good looking”.

However, she ignored him – although she wished she hadn’t.

“My surgeon friend begged me not to get this surgery because it wouldn’t make much difference as mine’s was already good looking, “she explained.

“I just too hyped. I convinced him to do it.

“I actually regret it because the post-operation is awful and it really didn’t make a big difference as mine was already pretty much the same thing. I should have listened.”

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Deia was seen posing for some sizzling bikini snaps as she spoke about her surgery.

See photos of the beautiful model below…


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