Ghanaian gospel Musician Brother Sammy, popularly called The Nation’s Worshipper, has dropped a shocking revelation about his marriage; and according to him, he will never have s##x with his wife. 

And with this revelation, there is no doubt that Brother Sammy’s marriage is about to hit the rocks. 

Brother Sammy stated that his wife got pregnant and after some scans, the pregnancy was said to be ectopic pregnancy. Hence, the pregnancy had to be terminated. 

During her recovery period, he had to make a trip to Accra for a show and immediately he got to Accra, he called his wife to check up on her. It was there that she accused him of using their pregnancy for occultism; and wants to kill her. 

It was there it dawned on him that if he impregnates her again and it turns out to be another ectopic pregnancy, she’ll say that he wants to use her womb for another ritual. 

Brother Sammy made other deep revelations about his marriage. 

Watch the video below…

By Kwamina DEXTRO

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