KiDi Pegs Table Reservation For His ‘LiveWithKiDi’ Show At GHc15,000 – I Rebuke Poverty From My Life In Jesus Name…

Your Sugar daddy KiDi will be hosting his show dubbed “LiveWithKiDi” pretty soon and if you’re a fan and want to witness him perform live, get ready to throw away at least GHc3,000. 

Yes, the prices start from GHc 3,000 all the way up to GHc 15,000. Well, I believe you’re thinking the same way I’m thinking.

But on a real, it doesn’t make sense to me especially as we are in difficult times as this.  

If you’re not a rich young dude or a scammer, don’t venture. Just sit down in your room like me and stream these same songs from KiDi on the internet. 


See all the packages and everything that comes with it below… 

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