Jodie Kidd makes controversial remarks about feminism

Jodie Kidd, an English fashion model and TV personality, has seemingly sought trouble for herself after her recent remarks.

Recently, the super model sat down for a candid chat on Who We Are Now podcast, in which her daughter Izzy was also present along with the show host Richard Hammond.

While they were having a discussion about racing, the show host asked the 23-year-old Izzy what appealed her the most about a men-dominated sport such as racing.

In response, Jodie intercepted to say, “I think we’ve really got to get over this whole thing that we are completely all equal.”

However, her latter statements made Richard fear that he might get cancelled by feminists as she declared, “Men are better than women in certain things.”

This prompted the show host to point out, “Jodie Kidd said that not me!”

Replying to Richard’s surmise, Jodie quipped, “Am I going to be cancelled?”

Nonetheless, she maintained that “it is just a fact of life,” adding, “Every now and then you will get an amazing freak woman that will come, and I promise you there will be a woman competing in F1 soon.”

Expressing her views on the matter, Izzy added, “I think it’s all about accessibility. As long as everyone has the same access to it, then it’s fine if the blokes are better at it.

“There almost needs to be a way of not thinking of them as men and women, they’re just drivers. It doesn’t matter if it’s a man or woman, as long as they have the same access to it, which like you said, I don’t think they do at the moment,” she asserted in conclusion.