Alexander-Arnold reveals ‘THIS’ about Sadio Mane, Cristiano Ronaldo

English professional footballer Trent Alexander-Arnold drew a comparison of his former teammate Sadio Mane with Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, calling him similar in his while in action Tuesday.

While explaining about Senegalese footballer, Alexander-Arnold said in a podcast The Overlap: “Sadio Mane is the one player that I played with that I’ve always thought, I’m thankful that I didn’t have to play against him.”

The 25-year-old was also speaking about his Liverpool career as he has been a central player for the English club during its victories in the Champions League and Premier League.

Trent Alexander-Arnold says Mane was similar to Cristiano Ronaldo. — Reuters
Trent Alexander-Arnold says Mane was similar to Cristiano Ronaldo. — Reuters

It was a compliment for Sadio Mane to be compared with and likened to Cristiano Ronaldo as both are currently playing for Saudi club Al Nassr.

The 32-year-old Senegal international has 120 goals in 269 matches for Liverpool after he left Southampton in 2016.

Mane joined Al Nassr in 2023, alongside the Portugal international before being into Bayern Munich for just one season.

Describing similarities, the English player said: “He was the perfect attacker, he had everything. As an athlete, he was similar to Cristiano Ronaldo – he had the jump, was fast, could finish both feet and was a threat at all times.”

The athlete also wished to play against Ronaldo during his first spell at Manchester United, adding that he liked the football era of the “late 2000s”.