Will Smith’s PR team in action as actor prepares for big comeback

Will Smith is ready to talk about the 2022 Oscar controversy which prompted the Hollywood industry to cancel the actor ahead of his big movie comeback.

The Emancipation star, who is set to return to big screen with Bad Boys 4 in June this year, is preparing his “redemption story,” a source reported to The Sun.

According to the insider, Smith’s team is working for a “mega PR push,” planning major talk shows appearances before his film hits the theater

Speaking on the matter, a source told the publication, “This film is Will’s big comeback and his team are going all out to get him out there.”

“He will deal head on with the slap and how he has changed since then,” they added. “It’s likely he will also speak about his marriage to Jada, after they secretly split up more than six years ago.”

While the actor issued a public apology to Chris Rock for slapping him onstage during the 2022 Academy Awards, he is yet to address the controversy.

“The slap is still a bit of an elephant in the room and Will is going to tackle it head on. He is booked to appear on a number of big US TV shows,” the insider said.

“People love a redemption story and Will has done a lot of work on himself. He also has a huge fan base who want him back in the thick of the action.”