Video Of Guinea’s Ousted President, Alpha Conde, Surrounded By Soldiers In Captivity Hits Social Media After Military Coup Earlier Today

The President of Guinea, Alpha Conde has been overthrown in a military coup d’état earlier today 5th September 2021. 

The military led my Senior officer, Lt. Colonel Doumboya raided the Presidential palace and fought off the palace security; taking President Alpha Conde captive. 

President Alpha Conde had recently altered their constitution to enable him contest for a third term as his salary was also increased. 


He was elected into power after criticizing the former president of corrupt practices. However he came to do worse when he was elected into power. 

After his capture, Lt. Colonel Doumboya appeared on National TV to officially announce the dissolution of Guinea’s government. 

Boarders have been closed and flights to Conakry have been diverted to other neighboring countries. 

Click HERE to watch the video.

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