BIOGRAPHY: Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, The Soldier Who Led Guinea’s Military Coup d’etat

“The personalization of political life is over. We will no longer entrust politics to one man, we will entrust it to the people”.

Doumbouya was born in the Kankan Region of Guinea.[1][2] He is of Mandinka origins.[1]

These were the exact words Col. Doumbouya said on national television after he led a military coup in Guinea yesterday September 5th to oust President Alpha Conde.

Date of Birth

Colonel Mamady Doumbouya was born in 1980 and is 41 years of age.

Place of Birth

Currently a lieutenant colonel, Mamady Doumbouya is originally from the region of Kankan, the second-largest city in the Republic of Guinea, after the capital Conakry, and the largest in terms of surface.

This red beret is a Malinke, a West African people present mainly in Guinea, Mali, Senegal, Gambia, Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso.

Military Life

Lieutenant-Colonel Mamady Doumbouya is the commander of the Special Forces Group (GPS) of Guinea.

The Lieutenant-Colonel who took power in Guinea went to Senegal to attend the training course for unit commanders at the School of Application of the Infantry (EAI).

He was recalled to Guinea in 2018 to head the elite corps created in 2018: the Special Forces Group (GPS). He was a legionnaire of the French army that he left to answer the call of the country.

He is a certified officer of the War College, with more than fifteen years of military experience, including operational missions (Afghanistan, Ivory Coast, Djibouti, Central African Republic) and close protection (Israel, Cyprus, United Kingdom, Guinea).

After his takeover, he said he was acting in the best interests of the nation of over 12.7 million people.

Colonel Mamady Doumbouya has since assument office as the Acting leader of Guinea and recently met with the ECOWAS Chairman, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo after Guinea was suspended from ECOWAS following their military coup d’état.

The meeting was to see how the country can quickly return to democratic rule.


Doumbouya is married to a French woman, who is an active duty member of the French National Gendarmerie.


He has 3 kids with his wife.