VIDEO: Benjamin Sprays U$ Dollars On His Date During Date Rush Reunion

When Sarkodie used the “money no be problem” mantra back in the days, he was probably referring to Benjamin of Date Rush. 

During their stage entry on the couples interview session of Date Rush’s reunion show yesterday which was aired live on TV3, Benjamin sprayed U$10 notes on his date from the show, Anita. 

It was quiet a spectacle as he took everyone there present by surprise. 

Benjamin was dressed in a tuxedo whilst Anita wore a green dinner dress; it seems evident that they 2 really planned their outfit for the reunion outing. 


The two did not have it smooth from the onset as Anita who admitted on the show that she has anger issues, walked out on Benjamin during their first date. 

But according to Benjamin, he felt it was something he wasn’t doing right that made her walk out during the diner date. Hence, he has made efforts to make their relationship ever since. And things are now cool between the 2 of them. 

Watch the video HERE.

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