TV3 DATE RUSH: US Borga Who Pranked Berla Mundi On Her Birthday With Marriage Proposal Goes On Reality Show To Find Love

Corey on TV3 date rush

Do you remember the young handsome American dude who pranked Berla Mundi on her birthday with a marriage proposal and a brand new car? Yes, is indeed looking for real love as he has been spotted on the stage of TV3 date rush to find love.

Corey on TV3 date rush

The young man who goes by the name Corey and was employed by staff of TV3 to prank their colleague Berla Mundi on her birthday in consonance with April Fool’s Day. It didn’t work out though.

Corey began his search for love by giving each lady on stage a rose flower as an expression of love and affection.

Corey’s episode aired on the 26th of June, 2022 where he finally got a date, Gillian.

But holdup, he did not get it as easy as I sounded. As at the first 2 rounds, all rushes of the beautiful ladies up for grabs were still on. It had to take some tough decision by him to finally get the date he wanted.

Corey is currently trending not because of the true love he came to find on date rush; but because he was the same dude that was used to trick Berla Mundi.

Check out how he finally got hitched to Gillian…

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