VIDEO: Basic School Headteacher Caught Red-handed ‘Ch0pping’ 15-year-old Pupil In His Office

The head teacher of a basic school in Offinso decided to lock up his office doors after he laid hands on a 15-year-old girl. However, luck eluded him as things couldn’t go as planned. 

Residents living around the school caught him red handed and prevented him from exchanging fluids with the underaged girl. 

From information gathered, ch0pping under aged pupils in a hobby of the unlucky head teacher and this time round, luck eluded him. 

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Hundreds of Offinso dwellers were seen gathered at the school premises to have a look at the embarrassing incident.

When the door was unlocked, the girl first came out with shame drawn all over her body.

The headmaster also followed closely with his eyes fixed straight on the ground out of shame.

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