Twene Jonas Is So Poor That He Sleeps at A Train Station in New York – Abronye DC Hits Hard At Jonas

NPP’s Abronye DC has directed his attacks on Twene Jonas after he got fed up of the U.S based Ghanaian exposing the rot in the current government.

Twene Jonas became a national hero overnight after his ability to expose the failings in the Ghanaian system; and has been fearlessly attacking both political and traditional Ghanaian leaders for failing to fix the country.

Due to this, the NPP’s Bono Regional Chairman,


Kwame Baffoe also known as Abronye DC has attacked Twene Jonas in a viral video.

According to Abronye, Jonas is homeless and unemployed in the U.S.; and the only way he can make money is to come online and rant.

Click HERE to watch the video.

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