Advanced technology has come to augment the cyber space. And as a result, communication between loved ones and friends have become so easy with the introduction of mobile messaging apps including the most popular amongst the lot; WhatsApp. 

Today, everyone who has a smart phone definitely has the WhatsApp application on their phone. If not all; almost everyone does. 

WhatsApp is estimated to have over 2 billion users and out of the lot, over 20 million Ghanaians are hooked on. 

WhatsApp has become a handy tool for both personal and business related activities. You can even arrange video conference calls on WhatsApp and have fun with friends online. 

Now, let’s take a look at 5 WhatsApp groups which is so difficult not to join. These groups define us within society and makes us feel a part of that society. 


The most basic WhatsApp group is your JHS WhatsApp group. People in this group are the people you began your high school journey with. 

Mostly, person in this group span across a wide range of career paths. 

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This group is where memories are fonder; where guy names of teachers and students are mentioned most. This group is where the real throwback photos of today’s big men and women emanate from. 

CHURCH WhatsApp Group: 

For this group, about 90% of its members hardly post or speak in the group. It is mostly the night ogyacious ones who comment with inspirational and daily devotional posts.  

When a controversial religious topic is posted here, the Ogyacious ones are the ones comment the most. 


In this group, members are of the same professional training and share a common goal of working in a particular professional sector. 

In this group, you have those who are lucky enough and are working with the training they received from their tertiary institution; and those who are still yet to land their first jobs after completing school. 

NON-FA (SOCIAL) WhatsApp Group:

This is the group sometimes referred to as social groups. In this group, members are mostly added by admins who know them; and feel they should be part of the group to add up to the numbers. 

Mostly, members of this group might have absolutely nothing in common. 

These are just 5 of them; I know that there are a lot more out there which you know of. Kindly add them to the comments section.  

Source || Kwamina DEXTRO

By Kwamina DEXTRO

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