There Is A Difference Between ‘The Boyfriend’ And ‘My Boyfriend’ — Find Out Their Roles And Functions Here

Okay, because of the over-dependency of some ladies on guys for their financial needs, it has become very common for a lady to have more than two s£xu*l partners. 

These guys who might be two or more in number, mostly ch0p the same girl without knowledge of the existence of each other. 

It is quiet funny but the truth of the matter is that most guys reading this article have been victims before. But has it ever crossed your mind if the woman you so loved and cherished referred to you as “The Boyfriend” or “My Boyfriend”? 

Well, these two phrases are defined by the roles you play in her life. And before I answer this question, Take a moment to read this screenshot of a message a female fan of Abena Manokekame sent her on Facebook. 


Good!!! So the simple answer to the puzzle is that “The Boyfriend” is the one who has all the cash and can spend on her any day anytime without hesitation; however he is not huge down there and is not so good in bed. 

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And “My Boyfriend” is the one ladies see as their main boo. He is always available for “chopment” and is good in bed; but is not rich. 

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So ladies, how many “The Boyfriends” do you have aside your “My Boyfriend”? 

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