‘Shatta Wale’s Brand Is Governed By The Rules Of The Street But It’s Appealing To Corporate Ghana’ – SM Militant Blasts Sarkodie Over Cigar-Themed Birthday Photos

Sarkodie is under public attack over the official pictures he posted to mark his 36th birthday just last weekend. 

The African King of Rap posted pictures of himself smoking cigar – and many have tagged the photos as bad for his brand; and especially because he is a role model to a lot of youth out there. 

This attack has been spearheaded by mostly Shatta Movement (SM) fans who are not happy that Shatta Wale has always been the one being tagged as a bad influence to the youth. 

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In lieu of this, an SM militant, Flex Germain took to his Facebook page to explain why corporate Ghana is always engaging Shatta Wale for promos even though he is seen as a bad influence to the youth; something which is just a cliche. 

And according to him; “ShattaWale’s brand is governed by the rules of the street but it’s appealing to the cooperate entities”. 

See his full write-up below…

We were tagged as illiterates, called smokers, labeled as a nuisance for justifying what they are trying to explain today. 

The painful truth is whoever lectured our Musicians about branding did more harm than good, or our musicians didn’t comprehend the concept of branding.

Seth Godin said, “the set of expectations, memories, stories, and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another. …But your brand is a story, a set of emotions and expectations, and a stand-in for how we think and feel about what you do.”

So, what is branding?

A brand is an experience you create for a consumer. It encompasses the visual, emotional, intellectual, and tangible experience a consumer has with your business.

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In our industry, we tend to associate one’s character with his/her brand character. A brand character can be defined as the set of human attributes and characteristics associated with the brand giving it a unique personality and recognition in the market and the minds of the consumers. 

The factor of Brand Character is such that a consumer can relate to it, creating an emotional connection with its values, fundamentals, and unique selling points. A brand character may include excitement, ruggedness, competence, sophistication, etc.

One of the most well-built brands is always downplayed because of the misconception we have about branding. 

There is more to branding; it’s not about suit and tie and acting like King Solomon.

ShattaWale’s brand is governed by the rules of the street but it’s appealing to the cooperate entities.