School Authority Warns Students To Stop Mast*rbating in Shower Due To Drain Blockage

Male students in a US school have been notified to stop m*sturbating anytime they go to the shower to wash down. 

According to the school authorities, their shower drainage system is not designed to handle semen. Hence, it mostly gets clogged; resulting in huge maintenance cost. 

But wait, semen is in the fluid state with low viscosity; and loses its viscosity over a short period of time when exposed to the atmosphere. 


So it is quiet surprising that semen would build up and coagulate in pipes so much so that they can block the pipes. That must be a huge load of sem*n running down the drain there. 

But I don’t get these boys; is it that they can’t propose to girls or what? I just don’t gerrit 🤷🏻‍♂️

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