Sandra Ankobiah || Biography, Age, Husband, Height, Cars, Career, Houses, Photos, Net Worth, New Look

Sandra Ankobiah
Sandra Ankobiah

If you’re looking for a female celebrity in Ghana who has checked almost every box there is to life, then look no further than the ever gorgeous Sandra Ankobiah. Talk of fame, money, influence, connections, education, a high-paying job, and a body some slay queens will sell all their Brazilian wigs to get; and she has them all. She is a Ghanaian lawyer, an actress and full time slay queen.

This article looks at the detailed biography of Sandra Ankobiah, her age, husband, height, net worth, family, secret life, controversies and her new look.

Sandra Ankobiah Biography 

Sandra Ankobiah was born to a military dad, Captain Rt. Ankobiah and Mrs. Rita Ankobiah, in a private health facility in Accra on the 18th of May 1983. She comes from a wealthy family, and was raised with Christian faith and values.


Sandra Ankobia is 39 years old (2022) and organized a private Empowerment Summit for young ladies as a way of giving back to society on her 39th birthday.


Sandra Ankobiah completed her basic, junior and senior high school education in Ghana before traveling to the United Kingdom to study Law at the University Of Buckingham, London. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in International and Commercial Law.

Lawyer Sandra Ankobiah

She went ahead to complete a master’ program in 2009, and then returned to Ghana to study at the Ghana School Of Law where she graduated in 2012. She was then called to the bar in 2013.


Sandra Ankobia has consulted as a lawyer for many big brands in the corporate and entertainment sectors both in the United Kingdom and in Ghana, although she hasn’t practiced as much as she has acted.

As part of her law practice, she also established an initiative dubbed “The Legal Advocacy Foundation” with the aim of educating the citizens of Ghana about their legal rights and obligations to the country.

As an influencer, Sandra Ankobiah uses her over 1.4 million social media followers to her advantage by advertising products and services on her pages.

She also owns a TV production company called Emerald Paradise Empire, and is the co-founder of the media training company, SN Media Learning Tree.

Sandra Ankobia Height

Sandra Ankobiah is quite a tall lady as she stands at 5 feets 8 inches tall; a height that is above the average for females.

Sandra Ankobiah Photos

Sandra Ankobiah Net Worth

Sandra Ankobiah is estimated to have a net worth of $300,000 – $700,000, according to various online platforms.

Relationship Status 

At one time in her life, the slay queen lawyer dated Ghanaian rapper Omar Sterling aka Paedae of the R2bees fame. However, their romance story didn’t go far as it ended a few years ago just before she went in for her infamous liposuction surgery.

She is currently in relationship with a guy whom little to no detail is known about.

Sandra Ankobiah Car(s)

Sandra Ankobiah announced in 2021 that she had received a Porche Carrera worth $200,000. It was later alleged that the car was bought for her by a powerful Ghanaian politician. According to the whistle blower who was hiding behind the Snapchat account Bombshelli Sel, it’s Gabby Otchere Darko who bought the $200,000 Porsche Carrera ride for Sandra Ankobiah.

Sandra Ankobiah sitting on top of her $200.000 Porche Carrera car
Sandra Ankobiah sitting on top of her $200.000 Porche Carrera vehicle

Apart from this whip, she has other luxury cars which she rides in town when she’s stepping out.

Rumors and Controversies

Sandra Ankobiah has never been free from controversies with many rumor mongers naming her as being a part of an elite group of slay queens who take fully-paid-for-trips around the world. These trips are allegedly sponsored by their rich sugar daddies.

Sandra Ankobiah New Look

In the early 2000s, Sandra Ankobiah was slim and cute with no backside. However, she miraculously grew a huge backside overnight and gained some suspicious weight after traveling out of the country.

At the moment, Sandra Ankobiah carries around a backside that is not proportional to her legs, giving her a weird body shape.

Check out her before and after surgery looks below…

Sandra Ankobiah before her surgery - photos
Sandra Ankobiah