Piers Morgan has reacted to Prince Harry’s latest blow the Duke dealt in UK days after visiting Britain for Invictus Game event.

According to media reports, Prince Harry and other high-profile figures on Tuesday failed in a bid to have direct claims against Rupert Murdoch included in their unlawful information-gathering case against his UK publishing arm.

Harry is one dozens of claimants taking NGN to court over allegations they were repeatedly targeted by journalists and private investigators working for the tabloid.

High Court judge Timothy Fancourt ruled last month that the lawsuit against Murdoch´s British tabloid publisher can proceed to a potential trial next year.

But on Tuesday he rejected requests for new allegations that 93-year-old Murdoch had direct knowledge of unlawful practices to be included in the case.

Piers Morgan expressed his views on Prince Harry’s latest blow by reacting to Deadline Hollywood report on X, formerly Twitter handle.

He tweeted, “Exactly what I told Laura Kuenssberg at the weekend.. the gormless little twerp just throws my name in to get media attention. And judges are now seeing through his game.”