Nana Ama McBrown’s Husband, Maxwell, Blasted For Betraying His Wife After He Called Nana Tornado to Beg Him Over United Showbiz Brouhaha

Nana Ama McBrown and her husband Maxwell Mensah

According to a section of the Ghanaian public on social media, Nana Ama Mcbrown’s husband, Maxwell Mensah did not act wisely for calling Nana Tornado and purportedly begging him to apply the brakes on his attacks on his wife.

It will be recalled that Nana Tornado recently went on the offensive to slam Nana Ama Mcbrown for allowing Afia Schwarzenegger to run riot on the last edition of her popular show, United Showbiz.

Nana Tornado wondered why Nana Ama McBrown could not control or exercise her authority on the programme and allowed Afia Schwar to speak ill of Delay in furtherance of their age-long beef.

After unleashing his venom on the actress and TV, we gathered that Maxwell who obviously was not happy about the attack on his wife called Nana Tornado to apologize on his wife’s behalf and clarify how things took shape on that fateful night.

But some internet users, particularly blogger Aba the Great opined that was lame and an act of betrayal on the part of Maxwell.

Aba shared her view on the foregoing issue and captioned her opinion in the following text as; “Maxwell the next Judas Iscariot.. when u find yourself in a bad situation that is when u get to know your truest and loyal Team. Maxwell is telling us that Nana Ama was taken orders that was why she allowed Afia to disrespect other people on the show, what a lame approach, so now she was taken orders, if it were to go the positive, would u have said she was taken orders? If she is not capable of running the show as it deem fit then I guess she is not fit to be a host on the show or any other shows.

I have watched programs and discussions on other media platforms, once a guest or a panelists do not conform to the rules, the host quickly ask for a retraction, what if at that point in time the producer or director was out of his seat or went out for a short break, (just saying) does it mean the host cannot control affairs? If you have to be told what do all the time without having to know what is right or wrong then you are not on top of your game after all.

Maxwell, If it had gone down well, I bet you would be taken credit for it, but since it’s base on demerit, y’all wanna get your head out of the hook 🪝.. u have to push the blame . 😂😂😂 people are not people…