MrBeast and his friends try to survive deserted island

MrBeast just released another thrilling challenge that puts his and his friends’ survival skills to the ultimate test.

The reason why MrBeast became one of the most successful YouTubers on the platform was because of the rather outrageous content he produces as well as his finances.

In the uploaded video, titled, “7 Days Stranded on an Island,” the social media personality covered the challenge in almost half an hour-long video.

“We’re now stranded on this deserted island in the middle of the ocean and we’re gonna be stranded here for the next seven days,” MrBeast can be heard almost screaming.



Pointing to a boat on the ocean that the camera zoomed in on, he continued, “And that boat that just left was our only way out of here.”

His friend, Chandler, who joined in on the survival adventure questioned, “Why do we keep doing this?” to which MrBeast cheekily replied, “I thought it’d be fun.”

Revealing some facts about the island MrBeast and his friends were on, it was stated that no civilization has been able to survive there for the past 250 years despite its beauty.

MrBeast took on the challenge with “no survival skills” and “limited food and water” alongside “trustworthy friends.” To find out how they survived the challenge, his complete video is available to watch on YouTube.