Mother’s Day HARD TALK: Not every Mother Deserves the Celebration

It’s the 2nd Sunday of the month of May and as usual, mothers are being celebrated for their dedicated services to humankind and to nation building.

Mothers are responsible for the psychological and moral up bringing of children. These children grow up to become leaders in charge of organizations and even nations.

Remember Ghanaian Educationist Dr. James Emman Kwegyir Aggrey’s famous statement? He said and I quote; “If you educate a man, you educate an individual. But if you educate a woman, you educate a whole nation”.

I checked up the meaning of mother google and according to, mother is “… a female parent; It’s also a term for an elderly woman or mother superior”.

Meanwhile, it is worthy to note that your mother is not only the person who gave birth to you biologically. Any other woman who has played a pivotal role in your life, and contributed positively to making you the individual you are today can be considered your mothers as well.

A mother’s love is something special which I pray everyone experiences during their childhood; it plays a role in building the way an individual reacts to matters of the heart.

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But is every mother worth celebrating?

In fact, when people are busily planning how to make the day the best for their mothers in appreciation for the love and care they showed them, other persons abhor the day; and don’t want to hear that such a day exists.

And it is not their faults; it is because of the way their mothers treated them during infancy; a period when they really needed their mother’s love.

We’ve heard stories of some women who abandon their infants right after delivery. They either abandon them at garbage bins or at public places. It is quiet worrying that these persons who knew they were not psychologically and financially ready to cater for children, actually went ahead to get pregnant and give birth.

Some other mother’s are noted for maltreating their kids without provocation. It is mostly due to the fact that these mother’s were not shown love as kids; and so they are also reciprocating same treatment they got from their mothers to their children.

For other mothers’, they are more concerned with buying a new funeral cloth for the biggest funeral in town, rather than investing in their child’s education or welfare/well-being.

And when their kids grow and become non entities in society, they begin to blame the government for policies they feel didn’t go in their favor.

I will highly recommend that such mothers’ are ignored when it is time to celebrate mothers’; that is if you were a victim and still find it hard to forgive your mother for such cruel treatment.

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