Meet Martin Hughes; Ghana’s Heavily Endowed H*tter Version of Nigeria’s Bobrisky

Martin Hughes aka Ohemartin
Martin Hughes aka Ohemartin

Ghanaian transgender, Martin Hughes now known as Ohemartin has shared a story of how he/she transformed from being a boy to a girl.

Martin Hughes was born a boy. But after turning 7 years old, he started feeling the vibes of girls more than when he was around boys.

Though he saw himself a girl when he became a teenager, he chose to enroll in an all-boys school, Mfantsipim School in Cape Coast, Ghana.

According to Martin Hughes aka Ohemartin, he faced several challenges in school and much had to do with negative stereotyping as he started developing br#@st. After school, her br#@st became like the average girl with her butts becoming bigger and looking s_xier.

Martin Hughes curvaceous body has attracted many advances from men who view him a girl. On social media, her inbox is full of men who keep proposing to him, thinking he is a real girl.

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