Mark Zuckerberg In Trouble As WhatsApp, Facebook And Instagram Go Off For Hours

The sole server for the 3 top social media apps, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram have been down for hours and everyone seems not to know what the cause might be. 

WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram belonging to one man, billionaire IT guru Mark Zuckerberg went off around 15:00hrs GMT on 4th of October, 2021. And as at 21:40hrs GMT, the service had not been restored. 

This is a big blow for the technology guru, Mark, as his network applications have become people’s business hub. 

What this means is that people cannot send or receive text, photos, audio or video across these applications. 

It is not know the service will be fully restored but as soon as it is done, Facebook and Instagram need to send messages to their subscribers apologizing for the inconvenience.  

Until then, let’s just keep our fingers crossed and hope that the issues is restored so that people can go back to their businesses and normal life.