Information reaching has it that Management of Takoradi Technical University has suspended Sixty-five (65) students for various engagements in examination malpractices.

The school authorities have decided that the students will have to stay away from the University for two semesters for the 2020/2021 academic year. Out of the suspended students, 51 are males whilst the remaining 14 are females.

According to the Public Relations Officer for Takoradi Technical University, Ekow Payin Nketsiah Richardson, the decision was taken after the disciplinary committee met to decide the fate of these students after exhausting all processes.

“As a centre of excellence we can achieve a lot only if we churn out good products, and it involves discipline, we want the corporate world to value our certificates, examination malpractices is a serious offense and the school frowns on that,” Richardson said on Takoradi-based Empire radio.

Meanwhile, an aggrieved level 300 Procurement and Supply student, Constance Asante has filed a lawsuit against the management of the University for suspending her.

She was charged by the disciplinary committee with unacceptable conduct, improper use of the university’s logo without authorization, assembling and plotting to organize an unlawful demonstration, inciting students against management, and displaying posters to demonstrate on all social media without approval.

By Kwamina DEXTRO

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