It Is Alleged That CEO Of Adinkra Pie Who Married Kwame Despite’s Baby Mama Already Has 9 Kids…PHOTO

More secrets are dropping after the Royal wedding between CEO of Adinkra Pie, Barimah Osei Mensah and his wife, Anita Sefa Boakye, who happens to be the daughter of Anita Hotel.

The gossips keep coming in after the lavish marriage ceremony. And the latest of such gossips is that the groom, Barimah Osei Mensah already has 9 children.

But it’s not a big deal since Anita Sefa Boakye is also said to be a mother of three adorable kids already. 

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So in total, mummy and daddy already have a football team with a coach; that is if what the rumor mongers are saying carries any iota of truth.

But who cares any way? Even people who are poor and can’t afford 3 square meals a day are giving birth to 7 and 10 kids; how much more someone who has got cash at his disposal.

Congrats Barimah and Anita.