If My Dogs Don’t Like You, We Can’t Date – Dada-ba DJ Cuppy Spills Rvbb!sh

DJ Cuppy, born to Nigerian billionaire business mogul dad Femi Otedola has sent a message for all guys wanting to have a taste of her cookie. And the message is simple and clear; if her dogs don’t like you, you’re automatically out of her league. 

She took to Instagram to make this claim that she cannot date a man her dogs do not like; as the dogs need to accept you into their lives before she  can also accept you into her life. 

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She posted a picture of herself and her dogs and captioned the photo; “Have you met my 3 month-old Pomeranian sons @DufuPoms? 🐕🐾 If Dúdú and FünFün don’t like you, we can’t date 😔”. 

See the screenshot of her post below…