I Would Have Been Dead And Long Gone If Witches Existed – Kennedy Agyapong

Kennedy Ohene Agyapong - biography and networth
Kennedy Agyapong

Maverick legislator and Ghanaian businessman Kennedy Agyapong has stated that he does not believe in the existence of witchcraft; especially with family witches who make the lives of people miserable.

According to the Member of Parliament, the supernatural realm works in this way. The spirits of people travel to places when they are asleep. As a result, the individual is unaware and they wake up feeling okay and that alone tell him there is a Supreme God. 

Kennedy Agyapong further stated that; “There is no witch anywhere; when you fail in life and you attribute it to your mother, father but when you were smoking jar, was your grandmother there. When you were stealing from your boss, were they there?. If there were witches, I would have been dead by now because I run my mouth.

“When I go to bed I don’t know where my spirit goes but I know there’s a superior being and he is God, who will not make anyone toil in vain”, he further stated.