How 9-Year-Old ‘Our Day’ boy, Oswald Became Popular On Twitter

Twitter has been awash for the past 3 days over an “Our Day” request from a 9-year-old boy, Oswald Gennuh to his mum. 

In the screenshot of his request which went viral on Thursday, the intelligent boy gave details of everything he needed for his “Our Day” celebration in school. 

These include details of the types and sizes of drinks, biscuits and Pringles he wanted for his our day celebration; a request he pleaded with his mum not to disappoint him because he didn’t disappoint her in his exam. 

How did it all begin? Oswald says he got the idea from the cartoon he watches on TV. 

He had seen cartoon characters write down request which they wanted a supreme being to answer for them. But since he knew his mum could do same for him, he decided to write to his mum what was on his heart. 

He handed over the note to his mum who showed it to a colleague at work. This colleague who is always on twitter decided to take a snapshot of the request and post it on social media.  

According to Oswald’s mum, she doesn’t have a twitter account; so she didn’t know what was happening until her phone started buzzing from individuals and corporate bodies who were willing to fulfill Oswald’s request on the list and more. 

Top Ghana artistes including KiDi and Dope Nation also offered to perform for free to the students on “Our Day”. 

Oswald in a pose with Afrobeats duo Dope Nation

This world is such a beautiful place to be in if we will be willing to offer a helping hand to people’s wishes when they make them. 

So now, Oswald Gennuh is a star kid.