Highly Religious Nations, Nigeria And Ghana Take Top 2 Spots As Countries With Most Visits To P>rn Site

Neighboring Anglophone countries Nigeria and Ghana who can boast of the biggest and most powerful pastors and men of God in the Sub-region have taken first and second spot as the countries with the most visits to a porn streaming website.

According to the worldwide statistics which was released by the website, PornHub, Nigerians have visited their website to search for Big Beautiful Women (BBW) more than any other country. 

Second on the list is Ghana, and then followed by Kenya. 

Egypt and Morocco which has about 90% of their population being Muslims also made the 4th and 5th positions completing the top 5 spots. 

Where did all the cultural and Christian morals pass? Wow. 

This goes a long way to confirm the saying that Ghanaians secretly love what they hate in public.

See the Top 25 rankings below