FEATURE: What If Twene Jonas Switched The Fire 🔥 On Your Favorite Prophet Or Bishop?

What if Twene Jonas switched the fire on your favorite Prophet or Bishop? Have you asked yourself how it would feel? 

Twene Jonas has been on top of the trends in Ghana in the past days. And truth be told; he has been speaking to the issues in a way that he understands. 

When I say “in a way that he understands”, I am only trying to refer to the numerous insults that accompany his speech anytime he is addressing Ghanaian political and traditional leaders on issue of national interest.  

And talking about insults; there is a divide on this topic. Many feel that he is speaking to the issues; but can do so devoid of the numerous insults that he uses when delivering. Others too are of the view that the insults are very okay because if our leaders can disrespectfully deny the masses of basic amenities and benefits that can better our lives, then insulting them is also very cool.  

Twene Jonas’ only issue is that Ghanaian leaders should be more considerate to think about bettering the lives of the citizens who voted them into power; rather than thinking of bettering their pockets. 

The list of issues to be tackled as a country is endless; with one of them topping the list. It is the almost impossible fight against galamsey. 


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In the fight against galamsey, Twene Jonas poked the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo for tackling this issue with baby gloves; and everyone was quiet about it. 

He directed the fire to traditional leaders, using the Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu as a case study; and all hell broke lose. 

He has since been “cursed” by several individuals and groups because they feel he has grossly disrespected the Asantehene, a revered traditional leader in Ghana. 

As to whether those curses will work or not, we will leave that discussion for another day. 

Now, come to think of it. If ever a societal issue of national interest comes up and your favorite prophet or Bishop is involved, how will you feel if Twene Jonas directs this same kind of fire and energy at them? Or looking at the way some “Men of God” are abusing their authorities for their selfish interests; just imagine Twene Jonas blasting them with same energy. Has that thought ever crossed your mind? 

I can only guess how you’ll feel based on where you stand regarding his mode of delivery. Drop a message in the comments section and let’s get interactive.

By: Kwamina Dextro 

Source || DePunch.com

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