FEATURE: End time Revelation (Part 1)

To be honest with God and man, per the information I have received from the Almighty God which I can boldly confirm, I am yet to watch, read or hear from any person deemed a primary Prophet from the Almighty in my country Ghana.

It is a very scary revelation which sums up the broken state of Christendom. Hear me, don’t doubt anybody who says that the days of Apostolic prophetic has withered.  Do you even know who a Prophet of God is?

(BUT LET ME WARN YOU WITH THE WORD OF GOD to hurriedly stay away off these things)

Stop reading quotations and verses that seem to solve your quest for greed. I hope you understand the meaning of greed?

If you are a human being reading this message and you have any technique, repetitive spiritual directions, words, mediums or substance you regularly use to invoke spiritual strength or wealth or opportunities, please I am begging you in the name of Jehovah God, STOP IT. 

Even if angels reveal to you any secrete in the Holy Bible that makes you regularly practice for Power or anything, then I AM has called me to warn you to stop. 

These things could be oils, vows, mantles and all kinds of substance, knifes, spears, cutlass, rings, arrows, salt water, feet and face washing etc.

I don’t think you will even wish to debate me on why the Old Testament people used these mediums?  You dare not because you have little understanding of how this universe spins. The Spirit of Truth has already arrived oo ye charlatans. He will strip you naked of your greed.

Indeed the Lord has shown and confirmed to me severally that these symbols and representation usually have power in them but WARNED us to run from their usage. I have washed my hands off this warning.

Maybe you didn’t know this but Please in the name of JEHOVAH GOD don’t practice any of such things again. Even if you have been reciting a particular verse or quotation consistently and it has produced effects for you, I AM has sent me to tell you please stop.  

If you can stage a walk with me, then you will appreciate the difficulties associated with been a follower of Christ. To have Christ consciousness is also called the ultimate sacrifice. 

There are no material gains whatsoever for both the Preacher and the Believer. God, will they even understand this message when greed and selfishness have taken hold of their hearts? 


I am being emotional here, Sometimes I feel like those who didn’t have the opportunity to hear the word of God are safer than us who are privileged to hear the gospel.  

Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit is ALL ABOUT THE WORD OF GOD. THE WORD OF GOD. THE WORD OF GOD. THE WORD OF GOD. Everything in Christ is about the Word. The Word. The Word. The Word. Is the Word not substances or mediums. How many times did I repeat myself, Let the wise man discern.  Believe the Word. Speak the Word. The Word. The Word of God.

Truly, all are Lawful but not all are expedient. And if one understands the mysteries behind this phrase, then you will ever FEAR JEHOVAH GOD. 

Meditate about this, what initially comes to your mind when someone consistently instructs you to fear him???

The Holy Spirit can affirm in my spirit that which I have witnessed and understood about this information you have read.

This is why I always say, Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy. Kindly share this message to others.

May the Father of creation open your spiritual understanding of this message I had wished for your deeper appreciation but for my inefficiencies and this medium.

I have washed my hands.

Author  ||  Frimpong (DePunch Contributor)