Doja Cat calls out fans for commenting on her hair

Doja Cat just hit back at the negative comments people made about her hair after she shared a close-up image of her locks promoting her forthcoming album cover on Instagram.

According to Hollywood Unlocked findingsDoja can be seen clapping back at haters saying, “I’m seeing a pattern. I’m seeing a consistent pattern in my comments section of people saying is my hair pubic hair, is it carpet or is it sheep’s wool.”

She added, “And it’s not even questions … some people are being like, that’s what it is.”

According to the Agora Hills rapper, people are comparing her 4C hair, which is a tight curl pattern, “to sheep and pubes and carpet and popcorn and s*** like that.”

Doja further vented her frustrations, “We gotta move forward. Let’s move forward. Let’s grow,” and continued on to say, “I can’t tell you what to do. I’m not your f****** parents. I don’t wanna say too much.”

Doja’s upcoming single MASC will be Doja’s first single since she released her fourth studio album Scarlet in September 2023.



“(Two done emoji) ASC 4.5.24,” she captioned the post by saying as well.

Earlier the month of March, Doja deactivated her Instagram due to the way she was treated.

She wrote in a now-deleted post before deactivating her account, “Hey i’m gonna deactivate because i’m not really feeling this anymore, you guys take care of yourselves. i like coming here to find inspo and see people being creative but i just feel like this is getting to be too much.”

She then deleted her Instagram handle with more than 24 million followers.