‘Doctors and Teachers Are Rather Supposed To Be Treated the Way The State Treats Politicians’ – Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson
Yvonne Nelson

Award winning Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson, says Doctors and Teachers in the country are those who are supposed to be treated the way the state treats politicians.

She quizzed what the highly paid political appointees in the country have been doing to improve the nation’s fortunes.

And it’s basically because to her, although they look busy on a daily, their actions are not translating on the ground.

Yvonne Nelson pointed out that regardless of the respect shown by road users to let politicians move freely in traffic, it seems they are only interested in themselves and not the people.

She took to Twitter to ask where these politicians go when they speed pass the citizenry in traffic? The actress believes the public should stop giving them that opportunity because they do not deserve it.

And according to her, such privileges should be given to doctors and teachers because of their impact in the society.

“When I see the so-called politicians with their escorts/convoy rushing/ speeding to wherever they are going it’s really funny. What are they really going to do? Going to work to chop more money? DOCTORS/TEACHERS should rather be given that treatment,” she wrote on Twitter, Wednesday, May 18.

Yvonne Nelson, who is also a model and an entrepreneur, has been vocal about the plight of Ghanaians for some time now.