Prophet Badu Kobi Prophesied about the Copa America 2021 finals and stated categorically that the spirit of the Lord had spoken to him and told him that Brazil will win the cup hands down. And although Lionel Messi who is a great player is with the Argentine team, they won’t win.

It was a Saturday night and he added that he was intentionally giving those prophecies hours before the match so that people will know that the Spirit of God is truth.

Ladies and Gentlemen, by 2:45am on Sunday, this prophecy had failed as Argentina won the match via an Angel Di-Maria lone goal.

Then on Sunday morning, knowing very well that his prophecy had failed, this same Prophet Badu Kobi was on his pulpit to give another prophecy which was to fail later in the day.

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He stood on his “anointed” pulpit to say again that the Euro 2020 finals between England and Italy which was to be played later in the day would end in favor of the Brits. Once again, that prophecy also failed.

I keep wondering and asking myself why the Prophet decided to delve into football and “dirty” the name of our Lord God.

Judging from both prophecies which failed, it is very clear that he did not hear anything from God. He was only speaking his own mind out of his sentiments.

But then, I also keep wondering that if indeed it was his own sentiments, then why did he decide to use the name of God on his predictions?

Was it to try to authenticate himself and make himself look like a genuine prophet? Which he is obviously not?

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It’s quiet sad that men will try to authenticate themselves using the name of God in vain; something the same Holy Bible he preaches about speaks strongly against.

Many have reacted with Twene Jonas even suggesting that Prophet Badu Kobi visits a psychiatric facility to check his brains to make sure all is well with him up there.  

Author  ||  Kwamina DEXTRO

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