DATE RUSH: See Photos of How The Guys Reacted When Hawa Adam Shock The Stage With Her Bortos

Yesterday’s episode of Date Rush gave viewers yet another exciting moment to mince on in the coming days. 

And for a particular reason, one of the ladies who was up for grabs by 10 strong and galant men has become the talk of town; specifically because of her huge stature. 

Going by the name Hawa Adam, the 26 year old lady got a date, Ali, but not without the usual drama associated with choosing partners on the show. 

One thing that has gotten everyone talking is the fact that Hawa has a really huge backside; and viewers at home were perplexed, how much more the guys who were present on stage that night. 

Hawa shock her backside and all the guys were amazed at how huge the skins behind her is. Charley!!! Me myself, I’m still in shock. 

See photos of how the guys reacted on stage when they saw Hawa’s backside. 

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