Check Out FULL LIST Of Popular Prost!tvtion (Ash@wo) Joints In Accra And How Much They Charge

Although pr_stitvtion is illegal in Ghana, the business goes on, unabated. Until date, no one in Ghana has been jailed for engaging in this illegal business.

Some arrests have been made in the past; but these commercial s…x workers are always left off the hook. There are even some allegations circulating that some security officers engage them in the act for free, in exchange for their release from custody.

Being one of the oldest professions that ever existed in this world, people in high public offices and big politicians are among persons who patronize their services, despite the illegality of the act.

And due to its lucrative nature in Ghana, some foreigners travel into Ghana purposely to engage in it together with their Ghanaian counterparts.

As expected, every joint charges differently depending on the kind of service the client wants and the location of the joint – commercial s<x workers in plush areas charge way higher than their counterparts who offer their services in areas considered to be low class.

These are the various locations and corresponding short time charges for ash@wo services in the capital, Accra, according to a Ghanaian Facebook user by name Amakye Nie.

Please take note that these rates are the old rates. Due to the rate at which goods and services are being increased, prostitutes operating in Ghana announced that they’re increasing the prices of their services as well. So be prepared to top the rates up with between 10gh to 50gh depending on the location.

Check out the list below:

  1. Ashaiman behind the police station also known as 18 or Tsinaagbe – 20Ghs
  2. Sakumono Titanic beach – 25Ghs
  3. Tema Com.7 – 300 to 550Ghs
  4. Tema Com.1 – 20 to 30Ghs
  5. Spintex Kotobabi (Opposite Ecobank) – 20 to 150Ghs
  6. Nungua Washing Bay(Abrefi) – 20 to 30Ghs
  7. Nungua Katamanton(Italian Boys) – 20 to 30Ghs
  8. Teshie Twibl3oo – 20Ghs
  9. Labadi Township(maamli) Abese – 10 to 30Ghs
  10. Osu Castle road – 20Ghs
  11. Accra Rawlings park – 10Ghs flat
  12. Achimota St John’s Beside Vision One FM – 30 to 45Ghs
  13. Circle Obra spots area – 15Ghs including hotel
  14. Circle Railway lines – 10 Ghs but 15 if you want her to pay for the kiosk
  15. East Legon Atemuda – 100Ghs but 70 if u can park ur car around and 40 for a BJ
  16. Lapaz Abrante3 Spot Footbridge – 30 to 70Ghs
  17. Lapaz Bigot – 50 to 100Ghs
  18. Kasoa Budumburam – 20 to 40Ghs but if u can buy Indomie you fit get am less
  19. Odokor Traffic Light – 20Ghs to 35 (including kiosk)
  20. Cantonment – 150 to 300Ghs for short and 50 for BJ in ur car
  21. Madina – 10ghc but if u want make dem do u fine 15Ghs