FUNNY COUNTRY: Bawumia Announces Mandatory Re-registration Of SIM Cards In June With Ghana Card

It is quiet funny the kind of things we keep tolerating in this country from our leaders. In other countries where the citizenry demand accountability from their leaders, they [leaders] will not do certain things.

After compelling Ghanaians to register their SIM cards less than 2 years ago with our voters ID cards, the Vice President, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia has announced that plans are far advanced to ensure that all Ghanaians with SIM cards re-register them using the National Identification card by the middle of this year. And according to him, this is part of plans to rid the country’s cyberspace of fraud.

He was guest at the 5th Ghana CEO Summit which took place in Accra where he noted that anyone who fails to take part in the exercise risks losing his or her SIM card.

He said; “I expect that the Minister for Communications and Digitalization [Ursula Owusu Ekuful] will soon announce the date for registration of the SIM card. Maybe by the end of June or beginning of July this year, everybody will have to register their SIM with a National ID number.”

“We all have to do that otherwise we’ll lose that SIM card. That will really give us a real identity for all MoMo transactions. For example, it takes away fraud that is taking place like SIM box and through MoMo”, he added.

So what happened to the newly introduced system where you have to present a valid ID card before you can withdraw money from Mobile Money? 

My candid opinion is – if the earlier registration of SIM cards could not rid our cyber space of fraud, then this one too won’t get anywhere. 

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