Korean actress Shin Ye Eun from The Glory on Netflix discusses her ride whilst filming for the show. The actress received a lot of interest for her performing as the youthful model of the show’s antagonist.

One of the ugly scenes in the sequence is when Park Yeon Jin burns the principal personality with a warm curling iron. The actress published in an episode from The Omniscient Point of View that the episode used to be simply as challenging to the movie as it used to be to watch.

“It’s acting, and truely we all movie understanding that we’re solely acting. But at that moment, like you simply think, “what am I doing?” It was once a bloodless curling rod anyway that I used to be conserving up to her, however, the actress was once crying her eyes out. So I simply notion like, “what am I doing?” and I ended up getting an outtake like that. When I went home, I ended up having nightmares.”