5 Do’s And Don’ts In A Friends-With-Benefits Relationship

Friendship-with-benefits [FWB] is a type of relationship which involves strictly s.ec.s and strictly forbids emotional attachment and commitment.

Even though the traditional society frown on it, it is fast gaining popularity amongst the Ghanaian populace as more and more people want s.ex.ual satisfaction although they’re not ready for any emotional commitments. 

Hence, depunch.com brings to you 5 very important things to note in an FWB relationship. 

1. Don’t ever get tempted to fall in love…

There is a high possibility that one or both of you will start catching feelings.

But never allow it to blossom as it might change things dramatically. Catching feelings might graduate the relationship from a FWB one to a real relationship. But it is not okay until both of you decide that you are in for a serious relationship. 

2. No jealousy…


No matter how good the chopping is for you, never ever feel entitled to it. Your FWB partner is only helping you get satisfied and is not yours. Hence, getting entitled will end up in you  feeling jealousy.

3. S.ex.t, never text…

The only text messages you are allowed to send to a friend with benefits is “my place or yours?”

If you text in the same manner as normal boyfriends and girlfriends do, you leave room for awkwardness and confusion to step in.

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4. Meeting new people is absolutely allowed…

FWB is usually what people do when they’re not ready for relationships but you still need to regularly satisfy their s.ex.ual cravings.

Meanwhile, when that time comes, don’t shut down the opportunity to meet new people because you have an ongoing FWB relationship.

You owe him/her no loyalty.

5. Don’t introduce them to friends…

Your friends and family don’t need to know about them. 

Source || DePunch.com

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