Watch Scary Moment When A Dead Muslim Man Who Was About To Be Buried Woke Up In Coffin…VIDEO

A dead Lebanese man has been found to be breathing whilst his family and friends filed past his coffin to mourn and prepare him for burial. 

In a state of shock, mourners took to their heels whiles a few brave ones remained to attend to the Muslim man who was found breathing in his coffin. 

The video which was posted on Instagram showed mourners gather around the corpse as a woman cried and touched him to pay her last respect.


Then, a few mourners appeared to notice his moving body before they realized that the man was still alive.

They then called an ambulance to transport the body to the medical centre where doctors confirmed he was still alive.

It is reported that the man had died hours earlier and was being prepared for burial in accordance with Islamic rite.

Click HERE to watch the video. 

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