VIDEO: Efia Odo Reveals Why She Opted Out Of #FixTheCountry Campaign

Ghanaian actress Efia Odo has finally disclosed why she decided to stop fronting the #fixthecountry campaign after actively getting involved in the movement from the onset.

And according to her, her mother was the reason she had to stop. 

Speaking as guest on UTV’s United Showbiz Show with host Abeiku Santana, Efia Odo narrated how her mother called her from the US at 1:00am American time and was crying and begging her to opt out of the campaign since things had started getting bloody. 

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According to her, she broke down that very moment since her mother is the single person she lives for at the moment.  

Efia Odo is her mum’s first child and stated that her mum and herself have really suffered. Hence, she wouldn’t want to die and leave her mum behind to suffer more. So she gave up on the #fixthecountry campaign that very day.

It will be recalled that some #fixthecountry campaigners, notable amongst them being Mohammed Kaaka of Ejura have lost their lives in the line of pushing the group’s agenda for a better Ghana.

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