TV3 DATE RUSH: There Could Be No Better Host than Giovanni Caleb – Journalist Praises Host For Dexterity

News editor at Citi FM/Citi TV, Ebenezer Afanyi Dadzie, has commended current host of TV3’s Date Rush Show, Giovanni Caleb, for how far he has steered the show since he took over the hosting role.

Ebenezer was of the view that Giovanni Caleb has gone above all odds to prove to those who doubted him when he took over as host, that he could be the best there ever will be. 

According to Ebenezer, many people doubted that Giovanni will make a good host; however he has grown to become the center of attraction for the show.  

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Read Ebenezer’s Facebook write-up below…

“I haven’t spent even 5 minutes to watch Date Rush due to personal reasons.

Nonetheless, I do pick pieces of the reactions and sometimes the videos on Social Media to know what’s happening. And occasionally, I’ve also had the chance to see the huge number of viewers especially on Facebook alone. 

I have just seen a Journalist make a post about the fact that when Giovani was made the Host, many criticised harshly, and even said they wouldn’t watch the show. 

This Journalist made her post by showing the Facebook views which was over 14K at a point to make her case.

I do not know Giovani personally, neither do I know the former host personally, so what I’m about to say is nothing personal.

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I have asked myself a few times how the former host feels about the show now. I do not seek to judge or criticise him. I merely seek to draw attention to an important lesson from this episode, also because I had the privilege to know the reasoning behind his exit.

Now the comment made by the Journalist tonight, reawakened that one important lesson I hold dearly about the SKILLS or COMPETENCIES we all possess in whatever field we find ourselves in.


And so, coincidentally, this scenario perfectly fits the lesson I would like to put across.

The thing about overly feeling proud and important at what you do, and trying to rub it off people, or take ‘Undue’ advantage of the opportunity you have to be selected over others, usually makes you the LOSER in the end. 

I often tell people that whatever you are doing that you think you’re the best at, there are thousands if not millions of people out there or even in that space you are, who can do far better than you or same as you if they’re given the same CHANCE or OPPORTUNITY.

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And so I always tell people that whatever you do, just be grateful for it, and give off your very best in all HUMILITY and HONESTY, rather than being BOSSY, because if people are to really have the same CHANCE and OPPORTUNITY, you may just realise that you’re not that special at all, or perhaps you’re just average. 

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Yes, it’s okay to place value on your SKILLS and COMPETENCIES, but they must be reasonable and not appear to take ‘Undue’ advantage of the opportunity you have to be chosen over others for a task.

Having your dream job in life, doesn’t necessarily mean that you were the best for it, and so get off that entitlement mentality. It’s only a privilege you have, that you have to cherish and hold dearly. This has been my personal principle. I ain’t better than anyone, I’m just probably more privileged than someone else.

HUMILITY is key, no matter the level you are. 

After all, no one stays on the stage forever, you definitely get off at some point, for others to climb”.

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