PHOTOS: Man Marries 4 Women In White Wedding On The Same Day…LEGENDARY

A man, obviously a brave one, has tied the knot with 4 women same day same time in a white wedding ceremony. The ceremony reportedly took place in Gabon on the 31st of July, 2021. 

Pictures circulating on social media shows the man and his 4 brides looking all excited and ready to live happily ever after. 

It is not known the reason for such a move – but whatever reason it is, I believe this man has done what almost every man cannot do. 


Now, I keep wondering how the honey moon will be spent; will he take turns to have separate honeymoons with each of them? Or they’ll have the honeymoon in pairs or a one time honeymoon. 

Which ever way they decide to spend their honeymoon, we can’t help but just wish them all the best in the path they’ve decided to take. 

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