Netflix: ‘The Sandman’ adding more characters in the new episodes

Netflix collection The Sandman is bringing 4 new characters from the comics.

Netflix isn’t always calling the renewal a new season ( season 2) however “more episodes” are based totally on “multiple volumes” of the comics.

According to What’s on Netflix, casting is underway for the 4 new characters primarily based on the comics, the characters are, Delirium, Destiny, Wanda, and Destruction.

Delirium is “the youngest of the Endless — the household of anthropomorphic personifications of seven herbal forces.” She is described as “childish, silly, and immature, even though every once in a while speaks with rationality.”


Destruction is the “fourth eldest” and lives a lifestyle of seclusion. Destiny is the eldest “all-knowing” sibling.

Niel Goodman has already published that Wanda will be characteristic in the new episodes. She is “a straight-talking, no-fuss driver and safety agent for a tour firm.”

The Sandman will commence filming on June 2023, and it will go thru October 2023. Filming will return from January 2024 to April 2024.

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