How The Fight Between Afia Schwar And Adu Safowaa All Started

“God-daughter” of Dr. Kwaku Oteng, Adu Safowaa is currently in a heated tussle with queen of insults in GH, Afia Schwar. 

Afia Schwar is not new to these kinds of things as this is not the first time she’s fighting someone on social media. She is that kind of person that irrespective of who you are, she will easily engage in a word-battle with you. 

However this time round, Afia got so hard hit by her opponent during their word-battle that she decided to involve the police. 

Truth be told; we all thought it was just one of those usual fights she gets into. But when Adu Safowaa accused her of being an HIV/AIDS patient, she decided to cry on the shoulders of the police. 

Well, here is how it all began. 

Once upon a time, Afia Schwar and Akua GMB were inseparable friends; anyone who tried getting in-between them was only fighting a lost battle. 

However, things are not the same anymore as these 2 have become the worst of enemies. Things got so bad that Afia Schwar began spilling a lot of deep secrets Akua GMB shared with her during their hay-days. 

The fight has been going on for sometime up to the point where Akua was sacked from her marital home and positon by her ex-husband and business mogul, Dr. Kwaku Oteng of Angel Group of Companies. 

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Well, being a good friend of Akua GMB, Adu Safowaah joined the fight and began hitting at Afia Schwar with every little opportunity she gets. 


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It has culminated in back to back attacks from each other until when Adu Safowaah posted a throwback photo of Afia Schwar and her old bestie Akua GMB; with the allegation that Afia is HIV/AIDS positive.

In her post, she wrote; “Motia @queenafiaschwarzenegger, Nsuo ba @queenafiaschwarzenegger. Is ur HIV AIDS gonorhea drugs Finished?”.

Adu Safowaah further narrated how she has never regarded her as a human being because of how ugly she is. 

“Do you remember wat u told OLU RICH MAN so many years ago? That I Adu Safowaah LOOK LIKE at u as AN ANIMAL 🦒? Exactly as it is alwaes …. did u realize I never gave u recognition as a HUMAN being? I placed u where u re FROM DAY ONE I set eyes on u…. Guinness book of RECORD has not deleted your record oooo… u re the most UGLIEST CREATURE TO EXIST. Tia si wuo @queenafiaschwarzenegger … This is not ABOOZIGI OOO, this is pinzo game …. hahaha WRITE THIS DOWN… I will beat you💪💪💪💪. Get ready”. 

Now, Adu Safowaah’s words has landed her in and out of counter-back; just because Afia Schwar will not tolerate an allegation as huge as this. 

I don’t see an end to this hullabaloo anytime soon. But until another trendy issue comes up, let’s enjoy this “salty” beef. 

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